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Gone are the days of dusty old data sat on a shelf. Today`s data is real time, it`s up-to-speed and it helps you get ahead of the game. It`s like another decision maker for your law firm, helping you track, plan and get the best from your people.

Katchr specialises in Law Firm management information and business intelligence.

Katchr BI (formerly SmartEye by Exen) has been developed with and for UK-based law firms and is in use at over 50 firms.

Straight out of the box katchr® BI delivers valuable information and insight that has never previously been accessible.

Fully compatible with your smart phone and tablet, katchr dashboard visualisations and reports can be tailored to suit your firm and help you optimise every aspect of your business operations, marketing and pricing decisions.

Firms that use Katchr have benefitted from
• Improved Time Recording and Billing performance as fee earners are made more aware of expectations, and excuses for `not knowing` are removed
• Very significant time savings in preparing monthly reports, ad hoc reporting and financial analysis
• Full availability of reports meaning people no longer need to call Accounts or IT with information requests
• Substantial reduction in printing and paper costs as reports rarely need to be printed
• Rapid and fixed cost implementations of fully customised dashboards and reporting
• Delivery of a complete working solution that delivers value from day one, not a toolset that the firm then has to configure
• A flexible reporting framework that can develop and grow with the firm as needs change
• The option to design their own dashboards, or use Katchr`s fully included dashboard design service
• The ability to develop unlimited reports using simple industry-standard tools, or commission bespoke reports from either Katchr`s fixed price report service or an optional managed reporting service.

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