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Probate Research and Tracing Agent for solicitors and their clients.

TraceInline is a modern company with traditional values, offering a wealth of experience in tracing individuals and working with the legal profession (UK & Worldwide).

Specialists in Probate Research and employed across legal disciplines: Private Client, Litigation, Family, Property, Employment/HR.

Our strength is in 'Making the connection' - taking the smallest initial information to build detailed family trees, write reports or trace individuals, businesses and charities. We are passionate about providing high quality research and presenting it in whatever way is most useful to the people that depend on it.

Our customers are solicitors and their clients.

Verified Addresses

There is a limit to the information that can be obtained from electronic records alone, an individual could be about to move, away travelling or may have recently died. No need to spend time and money confirming an address is correct; with our service this step will have already been carried out.

We confirm the person identified is the correct person being sought (of that name) by asking corroboratory questions. We further ensure any address details supplied are up-to-date and obtain telephone or email as appropriate. Where required our research will be supported by documentary evidence (marriage certificate, death certificate etc.)

Probate Research

With over 57% of the UK population dying intestate, demand has never been higher for a professional partner skilled in genealogy and tracing. Locating beneficiaries worldwide our reliable service is fully documented and tailored to the individual solicitor requirements.

We specialise in identifying and locating beneficiaries, building complex family trees and presenting the information in a clear and concise manner. Offering support services such as obtaining documents or overseas bankruptcy searches.

Missing Beneficiaries

Tracing beneficiaries can be a frustrating process without access to the right data sources or experience.

Leave your search in good hands and talk to the Experts.

We have located thousands of beneficiaries, with the knowledge, resources and expertise to locate your missing beneficiary.

General Tracing

We are regularly surprised by the different use cases that we`re involved in across a law firm. Some for the main ones include:
• Missing Beneficiary
• Asset Repatriation
• Witness
• Trustee
• Customer
• Business Partner

Debtors Tracing

Tracing a debtor is essential for high recovery rates and in today`s digital world it is harder to remain hidden from the system. Our experienced researchers have access to the latest data from a range of leading data providers, including specialist data for debt recovery industry.

Unlike other forms of tracing we do not contact the debtor directly or otherwise alert them.

Why use us?
• Outstanding success rates due to our multi-pronged approach:
• Industry leading data
• Genealogy
• Latest technology
• Expert Analysis
• International network of researchers
• Personal Service - we tailor our service to your way of working
• 24 Hour Telephone Answering
• Flexible charging structure
• Reports presented as a Statutory Declaration (where appropriate)
• All quotations issued with our Terms of Business
• Insured up to a maximum of £2 million liability per case

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