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Margaret Rose-Goddard

Margaret Rose-Goddard

Future Law Inst. Ltd.
With over two decades of experience, Margaret Rose-Goddard is a recognised public procurement law expert providing specialist public procurement legal advice and litigation support to public bodies and corporations. A counsel in some of the largest corruption and con-tract fraud enquiries in the Caribbean, Margaret has contributed to legislative reform in the Caribbean and speaks and delivers training worldwide on public procurement, anti-corruption and public governance. In 2017 Margaret initiated Global Challenges Retreat, where she met Anja Blaj, a lawyer based in Slovenia, pioneering in space and crypto law. Anja co-founded Ljubljana Legal Hackers Chapter and co-organized two Distributed Governance Councils, establishing a dialogue be-tween stakeholders within blockchain environment. She has also coordinated Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia and held discussions be-tween homeland representatives from the industry, authorities and Slovenian regulators. Margaret and Anja established Future Law Inst. in 2019 and are developing FLIx platform for lawyers.

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